SocialChorus Delivers the Only Daily News App for Work

Latest release of SocialChorus app personalizes the news and content that employees need to know today, creating more informed, productive and engaged employees.

SocialChorus announced the latest release of its software, the first and only daily news app for work. The latest release solves the problems created by the overwhelming amount of content employees receive daily while creating more informed, productive and engaged employees.

Providing relevant content to employees is a daily challenge for every enterprise, who spend nearly $120 billion annually on content creation. Not surprisingly, 80% of all employees are overwhelmed with information at work, according to Deloitte.

The SocialChorus daily news app for work centralizes news and content from in and outside the enterprise and personalizes delivery for every employee.

"Consumers love news apps. We built one for the enterprise," Says Gregory Shove, Founder and CEO. "We built the only app that combines best-of-breed user experience with any enterprise's "what matters" content to produce an inspiring, daily-read that enables employees to be more informed, productive and engaged."

SocialChorus daily news app for work provides the news and content employees need to know today. The latest release:

  • Combines content discovery, consumption and social sharing into a newsfeed layout similar to popular consumer applications.
  • Notifies employees of the content and news they need to know today - in a format similar to the best consumer newsreaders.
  • Supports non-sharable internal content like employee surveys, weekly highlights and employee culture updates.
  • Simplifies the administration process by allowing users to customize their content - while allowing enterprises to maintain control over content distribution.
  • Creates frictionless sharing - new content card designs makes reading and sharing easy for any employee.

"All companies want to unlock employees as brand advocates via social media," Says Gregory Shove, Founder and CEO. "We know that you must first engage employees with relevant and timely content."

Altimeter Group agrees. "We advise against viewing employee advocacy as simply a button to push, with the output being an instant expansion in brand's social network reach." - Charlene Li, Principle Analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet Company

SocialChorus' latest release puts employee engagement first in employee advocacy.

This approach has attracted many of the world's largest enterprises and high-growth companies including Aetna, Reebok, Comcast, Purina, Shell, Nestle, Staples, Walmart, Target, CDW, Gap, ServiceNow, and over 100 others.

Supporting Customer Quotes

"We believe in the Employee-First approach," says Sharon LaSure-Roy, Senior Consultant, Social Media, Florida Blue, Florida's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan. "By providing our employees both easy access to key information and the ability to personalize their experiences, naturally checking the app becomes a recurring behavior. As employees use the app more often, the content relevancy gets better. Employees are genuinely more engaged and sharing content becomes more incredibly authentic."

"Harnessing the insights of key stakeholders is a foundation of Prophix's culture of innovation", says Prophix's Vice President of Marketing, Michael Tindal. He continues, "For example, involving customers in product development has helped Prophix build a world-class finance automation solution. At the same time, Prophix taps into the enthusiasm and expertise of its team members. That's where SocialChorus comes in. It is a reliable and engaging way for Prophix employees, located in seven offices around the globe, to stay connected, share great ideas, and actively promote the Prophix brand."

"At U.S. Cellular, our associates are integral to creating an environment where our customers have the best wireless experience," says Michael Herron, Social Media Manager for U.S. Cellular. "By providing our associates both easy access to key information and the ability to personalize their experiences, we believe over time checking the app will become standard practice. As associates use the app more often, the content will resonate and content sharing becomes authentic as engagement increases."

"Providing our sales agents with approved content and the ability to share on the go makes naturally checking the app a recurring behavior," says Lemar Ingram, Manager Of Emerging Technologies, Carnival Cruise Line. "As employees use the app more often, the content creates genuine engagement that helps sales and the entire company grow our business."

SocialChorus. Be Better Connected.

We can do more when we are better connected. That is why we built SocialChorus, the only daily news app for work. Marketing and communications leaders rely on our app to keep employees connected with their enterprise and their networks.

Every day, our app delivers personalized news and content, real-time notifications and social sharing. Employees using SocialChorus are more informed, engaged and productive.

SocialChorus is headquartered in San Francisco. Backed by amazing people and investors, including Kohlberg Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Windforce Ventures, SocialChorus is led by a seasoned leadership team that has led over a dozen successful SaaS start-ups

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